A heck-up from the neck up.





i didn’t … mean to say it like it was a bad thing, really. i was just pointing out what i saw. i didn’t know what it really meant or anything. sorry for … i guess being an asshole about it.

you don’t have to adjust to me if it’s really that hard for you, though. like, i don’t want to throw a wrench into you getting better or whatever. and i can, um. find somewhere else to go, if you’re pissed at me after all that.

No. It’s alright. I understand that I have to move forward to get better, and getting rid of people that can help with that will only set me back. If you’re willing to be patient with me and shit like that I have absolutely no problems with you staying around. I understand that it’s. Incredibly difficult to get along with someone like me? And I can’t promise that the payoff is going to be at all worth it. But. It’s up to you.

I’m sorry I just threw that at you like that.


man, i don’t even know what incident you’re talking about, all i know is that you’re weird and cagey and that you won’t even hug your android.

Because I don’t —


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yeah. i wonder where he got it from. not you, obviously.

He was programmed well before the incident, but he wouldn’t have inherited it from me regardless.


more like thank him for snuggling with me.

Snuggling is probably his favourite thing next to learning and hugging.


Of course. You take your time and ill hop on anything he might need!


(I appreciate it MOST.)

Thank you.

You’re impossible.



Cripes. Ill keep that in mind then. As well as the business with sawtooth. Ill still likely pop in there rather soon to see it theres anything specialized he needs at all!! Anything to help his transition back to — not-doomedness?? — along easier.

I appreciate it more!!!!

That’s cool. I’d offer to help more but. You know. Stranger danger and all that bullshit. I’d like to spend some time with him at length but… not yet.

Jake are you really doing this.


What exactly is it that hes gone through?? This is my first time hearing about him to be honest! If theres anything i can do to help him when i check on arley and get your medicines and whatnot id like to do it.


Thank you!! And your consideration means the world to me but by all means dont push yourself. The last thing id want is to put you in a situation that doesnt jive well with your ultimate recovery.
I just want you to have the title first and foremost.

He was in a doomed session. It was a lot like rescuing Roxy from the dream bubbles last year. Two years ago? I don’t even remember. Desolate and lonely. But uh. Saw keeps up with the shopping, he’s on a system that sends him out with one of D’s limitless credit cards once a week to get things. He’s capable of taking ‘orders’ and stuff too, so. I’m not sure though, you’re welcome to ask him what he needs when you see him.

I’ll let you know what happens. Thank you, though. I appreciate it.


i don’t care about smells as long as they’re not, you know. shit or anything.

okay though. thanks. where are you going that you’re just leaving all your robots behind though?

It might smell like woodchips but that’s from the rats. They’re not there anymore, they’re with me. Pet rats.

I’m staying with a friend. Since my brother left it’s. A little difficult to cope by myself. That’s all.



Well. If the other chap ever needs somewhere to go hes more than welcome here. Please make sure he knows that!!

And — ! Well.

Im not sure if you saw the uproar the other day but as of recently vriska and i have decided to tie the knot soon! And erm. I know you dont like consorting with tons of people present and id never pressure you to do so but i wanted to know if youd be my best man. Honorarily. You dont even have to attend if you dont want to but id like you to have the title.

I’ll be sure to tell him. I can’t speak for him, obviously, but I think he should get some time to chill out before uprooting again. I know how hard it is going through what he went through. Sort-of.

Oh. No, I didn’t see that. Congratulations. I’d… like that. I’ll give it thought, alright? If I can build myself up to it I’d like to be there for you.



But … are you sure hell be all right all by his lonesome?? I mean i understand that your buddy would be there and also your other robot pals but at the same time i know arley loves his company.

Also!! I had something to ask you.

I’m sure he’ll visit if he starts craving attention. If John won’t give it to him I know you will. And it isn’t as if I’ve got that short of a leash on him, anyway.



so i’ve kind of been chilling on your couch for a couple nights and i know you’re moving and you don’t really want to be around me anyway?? so i was wondering if you had any ideas where i could go after this. like, i could stay and take care of your house if you wanted or something. but i don’t really have anywhere else to go.

Unobservant award for the year goes to me, evidently. 

It isn’t that I don’t want to be around you. Don’t think that. I’m just. Really difficult to get along with in person. But I mean if you need somewhere to stay, and you don’t mind that house, you’re welcome to stay in it. I heard you met AR, so if you and him get along the two of you can look after it. Once I’m done clearing it out you can stay in my room if you don’t mind the smell of motor oil. I haven’t been working on my projects at all for the past few months but the smell really doesn’t go away once it’s in the carpet and walls.

breathborne replied to your post: “Between sleeping and not giving anything that remotely resembles a…”:
hey dude. iiiiiiii have a question.

Hey. Go on.

Between sleeping and not giving anything that remotely resembles a fuck, I haven’t had time for the internet.


dude, i’m in your house.

aka it worked!!!

Oh, good. I’m glad it worked. How are you holding up? Do you need anything? I can pop back home if you need me to.

I’m sorry I kind-of disappeared. I wasn’t having a very good night. Did everything eventually get sorted out? Did you fix it?