A heck-up from the neck up.

i may archive this blog and just remake. if anyone’s got input on that feel free to message me.

How’s everyone (anyone) doing tonight?

Let’s all give Amazon a round of applause for taking three weeks to get me a new set of modem cables.

Ah yes. I forgot I come here mostly to observe, not to interact.

dont fuck the g cheese

I have no intentions of doing so. I’m just that hungry.

tell me on anon which tumblr user u have a crush on

I forgot literally all my tags for everything.


what does ilysm mean??? i like your sick memes????

yeah thanks im banking on hats more than luck though. you should hook yourself up with some grilled cheese

I just made the ugliest, most sexual sound thinking about grilled cheese. Thanks. Thank you. I did not need this in my life.

dont feel too bad about it dude blogging is a ruthless and unforgiving art very few ever truly master it. im waiting for my hair to grow back after i decided cutting it myself without scissors was a swell fucking idea. and you?

A lot of life got in the way so I really didn’t care too much to make an appearance.

That sounds like an ordeal, good luck with it.

Currently I’m sitting here trying to remember how this shit all works. Mostly being hungry.

look if youd arrived yesterday i mightve had some streamers left but as it is rn im sorry looks like the receptions gonna have to be lukewarm

I’m totally cool with that. It’s been awhile since I’ve shown my e-face anyway, so it’s about what I’ve earned at this point.

What’s up?

What a warm welcome back. I feel so tolerated.

Holy shit, I have a blog.


yeah yeah technical genius

thank ya. 

m watchin a movie an i ain kn ow th name. :o(

You’re welcome.

What’s it about?




this speaks to me on an emotional level